Mommaversary: The Anniversary of Becoming a Mom

I would love to help celebrate you on your special day: You. Are. Amazing.

Take this opportunity to recognize yourself and all of the awesome everyday moments that have happened throughout the year!

  • The day you remember exactly where you were when you started to feel a little “Uncomfortable”
  • The day you scrambled to grab your perfectly packed bay and check into the hospital
  • The day your water broke, nurses became your angels, and labor happened as planned nature intended
  • When you became a stronger person inside and out: Infant carrier + diaper bag = workout.
  • You learned to really appreciate the small things in life like sleep, a hot meal, stretchy pants.

Register your Mommaversary Date and expect to receive a treasure from me to help Celebrate YOU!  And if you know the Mommaversary date of a friend or loved one, you can certainly register their information as well.  Cheers to all!

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Lanelle Vasichek is the author of Celebrate the Mommy Milestones and creator of Mommaversary as well as a noted marketing consultant and national speaker; gifted at grabbing the best-day-ever moments hidden along the journey through life.  Learn More

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