Our kiddos are AMAZING. We pay attention to their growth and development and awesomeness every. single. day. It’s a big job… being a mom.

And that’s where Mommy Milestones comes in. Could we challenge ourselves to spend just a moment and think about ourselves? (I know… something feels a little selfish about this). Think about all of the growth and development, challenges and wins. Mommy Milestones was created to recognize and celebrate the moments often missed in our busy lives. They are the breakthroughs we achieve but don’t take time to notice, let alone celebrate. Some milestones are life-changing (a few we would like to forget).

To my core, I believe it is so important to know we’re not alone in the precious world of motherhood. It’s equally important to recognize that within the everyday moments, we moms are accomplishing BIG things. My hope is that we can share a laugh at our desperate times and sleepless nights; a virtual high-five at the multiple attempts at trying to fit into our jeans and ultimately the day we learn that Grandma’s really do know best.

Embracing the fact that what we do every day matters – it is enough & we should remember that we are amazing exactly as we are. I want us to take a moment and celebrate the unsung accomplishments of motherhood. They are something to be proud of, feel awesome about. They are worthy of pausing in the moment for some well-deserved self-congratulation, as they are what make up our one wild and precious life…regardless if you plan to tell anyone about it or keep that treasured awkward moment to yourself.

It’s OK to think about ourselves every now-and-then… Celebrate, treat yourself, put your feet up and know your Mommy Milestones matter!

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