There are so many good things going on in our day-to-day life that it’s easy to forget to schedule up some of the “regular family maintenance” that falls into one’s responsibilities (I’m completely talking about myself here).

A great example was when our local newspaper, The Forum (Fargo, ND) called to do a story on the release of Celebrate the Mommy Milestones and wanted to include a family photo. BEST DAY EVER – Right? I had the best intentions of getting one of those sweet pics taken maybe I will add that back onto my to-do list. I am guessing this would have been a perfect spot to show off my gorgeous family all showered up with matching clothes.   <cue passing ship>   Instead, we selected an ‘action shot’ from my Facebook feed from an amazing NDSU Bison football game where we completely ruled the field in Iowa … certain it was the sweatiest I have ever been in public. The good news: no one was surprised that I didn’t have a glamor shot ready … apparently that is just not how we roll. It really didn’t matter, I wasn’t going to fool anyone and they loved it anyway – sweat and all!

Go Bison!

The Fargo Forum

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