coffee bagI’m just back from a few events in TX and NC … You should know, my husband is awesome about keeping the kids alive while I am gone.  Like clockwork, when I roll back to Fargo, we need groceries. On the list was coffee (and that could be a disaster) … so clearly a grocery run was a priority.

Shopping done; I offered myself a special treat – a quick stop at Starbucks.

I was going to hit the drive through – but the line was ridiculous and my order is a simple brewed coffee (with milk or cream) – and there was no telling the complexity of the orders in all of those cars ahead of me, so I opted to run inside …where I found all sorts of grumpy people waiting for their order. (Surprised at the amount of people in line on a random Thursday at 9:30am…is this normal??)

I placed my order and the Barista gave me the three options of the ‘brew of the day’ and I just picked one (randomly). She poured it up, added a splash of milk then went to ring it up. She looked at me and asked what the brew was again… and I had to be honest and let her know that I like all their coffee and I just picked one – didn’t really remember which one it was.

She started to laugh.

Apparently most people aren’t as random with their coffee drinks as I am. She told me that the store had been crazy – and that she really appreciated that I was such an easy-going customer. I could tell the whole team had been having a rough morning. I leaned in over the counter and said:

I am looking around this place and it is really obvious that these people are not very friendly right now …probably because they don’t have their coffee yet, so don’t give up on them. YOU need to hang in there – YOU have a huge responsibility… YOU are going to Make Their Day with what your team is cooking up …seriously LOOK AT THESE SAD FOLKS – I don’t think they will get through the day without you.

I was just trying to be a little funny… I could see tears in her eyes and with a big smile she said “Thank You”.  And with that, I gave her a high-five and shouted out YOU’VE GOT THIS!

It’s a dangerous place to be…standing frontline of the coffee counter… go easy on them friends. Wishing all the Baristas out there the Best Day Ever!

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  1. Great pep talk. Connection. I care. Your efforts matter. To be seen and understood. Thought you ran in for you when in fact you had to Rescue another. In service we shine! Michele

  2. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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