Celebrate the Mommy Milestones

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From desperate times to sleepless nights, first time author Lanelle Vasichek expertly chronicles the first year of motherhood with unvarnished truth and a twist of wit. Her unique insights and playful suggestions for celebrating the unsung accomplishments will speak to the hearts of every new mom … and will give the dads a good laugh!

3 reviews for Celebrate the Mommy Milestones

  1. Dan Livengood

    Excited to give this to my co-worker for her book shower!

  2. Adrienne Olson

    Reading this book feels like sharing hilariously awful stories with your best friend who understands just what you are going through as a new mom. In a time when you can feel isolated and unsure of everything, this is someone painting everything happening in a new bright light. Every sticky moment suddenly feels like an accomplishment, something to be celebrated, or at least treasured as the earth shifting experience it is… This author is a cheerleader for moms, people who support moms, and really anyone who has little bosses in their lives. Best part – each chapter is only one baby feeding long. Last thing a busy mom needs is another chore; this is anything but. It’s a breezy read that you’ll want to scribble in the margins and share it with your best friend. I plan to pair it with a bottle of wine and a package of hotdogs as a gift!

  3. Katie Dilse

    My “baby” is nine-years-old, but I laughed all the way through this book! This is my new go-to gift for new moms!!! The author brilliantly brought back my first memories of being a new mom – and she made me think about raising teenagers and celebrating the moments! The coolest part – after I read the book and faced my overwhelming laundry room, I celebrated a load folded!!!! (instead of looking at the 8 loads left to do!) She makes me celebrate being a Mom!!!! I flew through this book, and already going back to read it a second time!!! Genius book!!! Adorable art!!! So much fun to read!!!

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